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Six Simple Steps on Picking the Right Repair Shop

Posted on 04/26/2012

Because so few of today’s car owners do their own maintenance, many of us often choose to let local repair shops handle our repairs and upkeep for us. Here are some simple steps to help you pick the right mechanic or auto maintenance facility:

  1. Don’t wait unti your car breaks down to find a mechanic or repair facility. Being without your automobile during such times can cause tremendous stress, and often, consumers will make the wrong decision because of those pressures.
  2. Word of mouth is gold, so be sure to talk to family members, friends and even co-workers for shops or facilities they’d recommend.
  3. Call the Better Business Bureau and local consumer organizations to check the shop’s reliability and performance and to see if any complaints have been filed.
  4. Make sure the shop is clean, organized and runs like a well-oiled machine. You’ll also want to ensure they’re equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to deal with modern cars and their computer-controlled engines. Being able to diagnose a problem from the first go will save you money, and prevent you from paying for repairs you don’t need.
  5. Make certain the facility you choose has a customer satisfaction policy and/or guarantee. Any estimates should be provided in writing, with itemized lists of parts and repairs to be made. The shop should stand behind their work by guaranteeing their repairs.
  6. When you’ve selected a shop or mechanic who fits the bill, make sure to begin with simple service tasks, such as oil and lube jobs, tire service and the like. This will give you an opportunity to test their integrity, competence levels and if they’re really the one you want to trust your car to on major repairs. When you find a good shop and mechanic, stick with them.


Posted on 04/01/2012

The New Year…

Posted on 04/01/2012

Looking back through last year, what occurrences stand out that had the most impact on you? Was it a weather disaster? Maybe the death of a loved one or the birth of a grandchild? We were very blessed. The storms passed us by and the latest of 7 grandchildren graced our family.  Birthdays abounded and life ticked on. When it was all said and done, the good always outweighed the bad. We tend to remember the bad things and overlook the blessings we experience each and every day. Why is that? Are we all so hooked on drama that we can no longer see the blessings? One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the book of Job. He lost it all, but kept his composure and was given back ten-fold what he lost. Many times I fail miserably through my trials but I know who is in control. It is a blessing to know the outcome does not rely on me. The new year is ahead…. how will you see it? And more importantly, what will you do with it? Wouldn’t it be great to be remembered as a person that played a part in that special, positive ”occurrence” that touched someone’s life? Make this the year. God Bless!

My wife says no…

Posted on 03/10/2012

My wife says nobody likes change but a baby… SO true. Recently, RBC Bank  was recently bought out by PNC Bank. I do all my personal banking online, have 3 relatives accounts we take care of and our business accounts are with RBC. I figured this was going to be a real nightmare!!! Turns out, I like the PNC site better! Just a little tweaking was needed to reconcile the old RBC account but other than that I think it will be alright. I found out that the new bank offers a few services we need that were not even available to us before This was just another example of how we tend to worry about things we cannot control and how we can exaggerate in our minds the bad things that may come only to find out that everything works out okay. We just have to remember who is in charge and let Him handle all these trivial issues. There is a reason the Bible says not to worry. Dealing with the actual problems of life can be consuming enough without adding fuel to the fire with our petty imaginations. There is a Phillips, Craig & Dean song that says it well… “Let God be God” Great song, great advise.

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