Sanford Auto Service

60K Service

Tired of the fluff and filler?The certified and experienced service team at R & N Motor Company is ready to give you an honest assessment at your 60K service. After 60,000 miles of driving around Sanford, your car deserves to have a thorough looking over to assess what problems it may develop and to do preventative maintenance.

The 60K service is likely going to be the longest of your car’s life. You will have some of the following work done on your car while it is at our shop in Sanford:

● checking suspension for wear and damage
● inspecting shocks, struts, bushings and linkages
● giving the steering system a look over, including the linkage, tie-rod ends, pump, hoses
● flushing power steering fluid may be necessary
● inspect fuel lines, some cars may need a new fuel filter
● checking brakes from the pads to the pedal
● inspection and replacement of most engine belts and hoses
● check for leaks in vacuum and fuel lines
● inspect all wiring and cables
● giving the entire drive-train a look over
● inspecting the heat shields, muffler, exhaust pipe and mounts
● rotate and balance tires
● scanning computer system for trouble codes

Again, each vehicle is different and that is a short list of what we may be doing during your 60K service at R & N Motor Company! We hope this has illustrated how important your 60K service is, and that you bring your car to our Sanford shop when it is time. Delaying this vital service puts your car at risk, avoid the tow truck and come see us instead.

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